no added sugar


no added preservative


Just wait a sec’! First of all, what’s a SNAP!

Lolo is the No.1 snap of the World!
Everybody knows what a simple snack is. A snack can be almost anything
that you eat or even drink. Honestly, nothing special. So it is far too ordinary for Lolo!
Lolo is completely different. You cannot even imagine how exceptional it is until you will have tried.

Now! Just close your eyes and imagine the incomparable taste of the fresh
fruit combined with an extraordinarily crunchy experience! Difficult?
have to try to make sure if your imagination is good enough! Lolo is not simply a fruit or veggie bite. Lolo is a SNAP!

Lolo raised and extended the limits with creating the brand new category for
healthy and crunchy food: the SNAP. From now on, SNAP means a crunchy and healthy bite with more flavor than you’ve ever expected.


What’s the secret of Lolo snack?

Every wonder starts with a smile…
Who else could have inspired the creation of Lolo, but our joyful little daughter, Lotti. To live a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle was always essential for me, and that’s the approach I wanted my daughter to follow. The way of life for her, and for her whole generation. Everything that we do in the present affects our future. As for us, we want to assure a sustainable future for our children.

So this is the reason why we developed a ground-breaking technology, that protects the original and organic vitamin content of the fruit, and produces this crunchy snap using 100% green energy. Dedicating four long years of our life to technological development, our dream finally came true, and Lolo snap became reality.

You can feel our love for Lotti in every single snap.

Who do we recommend Lolo snap for?

For people of all ages. For those, who would like to switch to a healthier lifestyle
without giving up the joy of snacking in our day to day lives.


For Kids

Kids are sometimes picky – especially if it comes to fruits and vegetables. Our goal was to come up with a snap, that combines the real taste of fruits and the crunchiness of chips. It’s the ideal choice if you want your child to have a healthy snack.

For health-conscious adults

Enjoy the flavors of Lolo snap anytime, anywhere without remorse, since this snap is the nature itself. Lolo contains all those vitamins, minerals and natural sugars that fresh fruits have. It’s just simply tasty and natural.


For those doing sports or hard physical work

Increased physical performance requires increased nutrient intake. During the production process, we pay close attention to ensure, that fruits and vegetables maintain their natural trace elements and nutrition content. Furthermore, Lolo snap is a great addition to other protein-based nutritional supplements because of their high fiber content.

For those suffering from food intolerance – or following Vegan lifestyle

A lot of people suffer from different food intolerances or allergies nowadays, which forces them to give up on a lot of things, sometimes even on snacking. Lolo snaps are free of all kind of preservatives, additives, gluten, added sugar and milk, so everyone can enjoy it.


…and for anyone, who likes shocking, intense flavors, since every single piece of Lolo snap is a real taste bomb.


Green technology in every sack, say NO to palm oil!
If we look at our children in the eye, we don’t just see our beloved baby, but we also see the future. There is nothing more important than to protect and raise them in love, trust and health – also to make the World for them cleaner and greener. We truly believe that YOU -being a conscious person- think the same.
Our environmental confidence drove us to minimize our ecological footprint while producing Lolo, in order to live in harmony with nature. – That is why the energy consumption of our factory is supplied completely by solar energy. For the sake of rainforests, we do not use palm oil, also all raw materials come from controlled, fair-trade source.


In the first step, we use gentle vacuum treatment to preserve the vitamin, fiber and nutrition content of all fruits and veggies.

The second step consists of a quick-drying process, so the fruits and veggies keep their natural taste.

As a third step, we continue the process with cold air technology, so the snap pieces stay fresh and crunchy.

The unique packaging of the snaps is the fourth and final step.

The very last step waits for you now: enjoy the breathtaking taste of nature in the way you have never experienced before!

Four years of scientific research and development preceded the birth of
the non-series engineered, manufactured and patented technology that makes Lolo Snap irresistibly crunchy with bursting natural taste. No oil, no fast freezing,
no preservatives.

The essence of the technology is that the 100 percent natural fruits and vegetables go through the entire manufacturing process without coming into contact with any kind of additives. All vitamins, natural fibers and nutrients such as the original flavour are preserved only by the unique proprietary drying method.

The substance of the singular technology developed by us is the following: by using an endothermal procedure when particles of water are forced to oscillate within cells of the fruits, which method enables us to defecate water by natural internal heat output that makes water leave easily through cell walls loosened by vacuum applied during the process.

This way the drying temperature is not higher than 35°C and the whole drying procedure is hardly longer than eight minutes. The result of the applied low temperature and the fast but gentle process is that more than 90% of the vitamin content of the fresh fruits remains, while in case of other methods using high temperature and/or long, even several hours drying procedures, most of the vitamin content completely disappears. In the last stage of the manufacturing process, the cell, and fructose crystal structure is stabilized by extreme dry cold air in order to reach utmost crunchiness.

Lolo SNAP – the health itself

It does not contain added sugar

Lolo SNAP is produced without using mono-, and disaccharide or any other kind of sweetener, you can feel only the sweetness of natural sugars originally contained by the fruits & vegetables.

Oil free

During the entire production process our SNAPS do not come into contact with any kind of oil. Our aim is to reduce the supply of products using palm oil on the selves of the supermarkets worldwide.


Our products do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

No additive

Our products do not contain E-numbered additives, it is as much as saying that Lolo is free from all kind of artificial food colouring, flavouring enhancer and thickener substances or preservatives.

We recommend Lolo snaps from our hearts for those, who take care of their children’s and their own health. For those, to whom the sustainable future is essential to. For those who want to crunch on something tasty without any remorse.

This is neither chips, nor a snack. But at the first time on Planet Earth: This is a SNAP!

For you. For them. For the whole family. For everyone!